Pete Scobell

Pete Scobell1For nearly 17 years, Lt. Pete Scobell proudly served in the United States Navy, 13 as a Navy SEAL and four as the third—and last—enlisted SEAL selected to attend the prestigious United States Naval Academy.  “Taking a break from the SEAL teams to attend the Naval Academy was not an easy decision,” shares Pete.  That makes sense…trading Afghanistan for Annapolis, the realities of war for the theories of it.  But it’s this ability to adapt and succeed that’s a hallmark of the SEALS, and Pete Scobell is a prime example.  Excelling in the rigorous life of the Teams and one of the most demanding academic programs in the country is yet another demonstration that these men truly never quit.

When talking about his extraordinary journey, Pete offers this:  “An early mentor told me that the hardest path is usually the right one, so I set my mind to accomplishing my goals and refused to let anything or anyone get in my way.”

During his Navy career, Pete was member of the Naval Special Warfare Development Group, as well as an integral part of numerous high profile special ops missions, including a successful hostage rescue of an American sea Captain off the Horn of Africa. Yes, that sea rescue of Captain Richard Phillips of the Maersk Alabama who was hijacked and taken hostage by Somali pirates, the story told in the Academy Award nominated film starring Tom Hanks.  Throughout his service, Lt. Scobell was awarded a number of personal decorations, including two Bronze Stars with Valor.

Once you meet Pete, you quickly realize that he’s governed by a unique sense of duty and commitment, one developed long before becoming a SEAL that has never allowed him to do anything half way.  Prior to the Navy, Pete was a nationally ranked ski racer and track and field champ, but he put his athletic dreams on hold to serve his country.  Since retiring from the SEALS, Pete spends as much time as he can with his wife and children, and works tirelessly on behalf of returning veterans, especially those who share his challenge of overcoming TBI, traumatic brain injuries.

Pete is now a Nashville recording artist and his song “For The Ones I Stand Beside” is produced by Cactus Moser and is featured in The Hornet’s Nest Film and Soundtrack.

Pete takes the leadership abilities honed while serving our country and applies them to everything he does.