ALBUM COVER The long awaited soundtrack, featuring ‘CHARIOTS’ – the track you heard in our trailer – is now available for purchase online. We are working on getting you iTunes links as well.

THE HORNET’S NEST MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK also features the amazing track “FOLLOW ME” performed by Wynonna Judd and her husband Cactus Moser, as well inspiring performances by Politicks, Kid Rock, Keni Thomas, Pete Scobell, Mycle Wastman, Phil Vandel, and Donavon Frankenreiter.

Listen to it HERE (under the SOUNDTRACK link), or you can purchase it directly from GRATITUDE ENTERTAINMENT, RIGHT HERE.


All in a Day’s Work

Now imagine marching with 80lbs of gear in 130° heat. All in a day’s work for our country’s bravest serving abroad.

This Is Their Reality…

“…It sounds like a bee passing over your shoulder.” A chilling statement for most civilians; a common understanding for our country’s bravest who serve abroad. Witness their courage firsthand this May

The Embodiment of a US Marine

Val·or (n): boldness or determination in facing great danger, esp. in battle; heroic courage; bravery.

Coming This May!

OneShee-Preview100% real footage. 100% real courage. Witness the incredible story of US troops abroad in The Hornet’s Nest — coming this May to theaters nationwide!

“The Band of Sisters and a Little Brother”

DUSTOFFAmong active personnel, there are more than 200,000 females in the military. The Hornet’s Nest features 4 of the bravest. Meet 101st Airborn’s revered Medevac team DUSTOFF — or as some know them “The Band Of Sisters and a Little Brother.”


101st Airborne's "No Slack" UnitAn image from a 360 degree firefight scene in The Hornet’s Nest, with the U.S. Army‘s 101st Airborne “No Slack” Unit and its attachments.