Kid Rock

Kid RockThe evolution of Kid Rock has been genuine and organic, over the course of 26 million record sales and a slew of hits — from “Bawitdaba” to “Born Free” — that have criss-crossed the rock, pop and country charts. “Let’s Ride,” is the first single off Rock’s latest album REBEL SOUL and his tribute to troops in service overseas. “Let’s Ride” was written as “a theme song for the kids that have to go into the shit and fight,” many of whom Rock has met during his many trips into the battle theaters of Iraq and Afghanistan.

He’s become active in humanitarian and philanthropic concerts, working with organizations such as Operation Finally Home, which builds houses for disabled returning veterans, establishing the Kid Rock Foundation to help fund various projects and initiatives around the country, and raising $1 million for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. There was also his pre-election “Americans” video with actor Sean Penn, which delivered the message “Don’t let politics divide us. Thinking differently. It’s what made this country great.”

“I’m fortunate; I have the means and the resources to go beyond the music and all the rock ‘n’ roll hype and everything and do some good work,” Rock notes. “I want to do stuff that does fit me, and I want to do stuff that absolutely doesn’t fit — just do stuff that’s different, with the music and with everything that comes along with it.”