Brit Jacobs

Brit 1-1After completing a couple of semesters of college, Brit decided to serve a two-year mission for his church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He served the people of Monterrey, Mexico, where he learned valuable lessons of service, sacrifice, and fraternal love.

After returning from an honorable mission, Brit decided to apply those lessons by continuing the mission in a different capacity- He joined the United States Army.. After vigorous basic and advanced individual training, he was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division, 1st Brigade, 2nd “No Slack” Battalion. Upon arrival, he was attached to Charlie Company “Cougars” as their 3rd Platoon Medic.  He was in numerous major operations, including Strong Eagle III, which is the battle at the end of The Hornet’s Nest film.

The Cougars arrived to Kunar Province, Afghanistan in May of 2010. The yearlong deployment would bring about the hardest year of Brit’s life to date. Armed with love, an aid bag, an M4, and a video camera, Brit was blatantly active throughout numerous major operations.

He is currently serving as the Treatment Non-Commissioned Officer in charge at Dugway Proving Ground, UT

Brit grew up on music. From singing to playing instruments to composing, Brit has always had some song or tune in his head.. Through the thick of battle, Brit had scores of musical themes in his mind. When a Soldier went down, the climax of the Symphony in his mind kicked in. When the tragedy of losing his brothers unfolded, the Symphony was reverenced. All he could think of after that was to live his life after a manner of thanksgiving. He just wanted to follow his brothers in making impacts that could change the world. He wanted to follow them home. So birthed the song and lyrics to Follow You Home, which is featured on The Hornet’s Nest Soundtrack.